No Neutral Smart Switch Flickering Fix

No Neutral Smart Switch Flickering Fix

Seconds smart wall switches support both neutral and non-neutral connections. It works as a non-neutral switch if you do not connect a neutral wire.

Flickering lights originate from a variety of sources. And in most cases, it could be rectified with a few simple adjustments. Go through this list and try one at a time.

  • Check that it is not a dimmable light bulb.
  • Use reputable brand light bulb with at least 7w or higher
  • Attach a capacitor to the light source
  • Change to a different type of light with a good driver.

The above tips work very well for most homes without the need for a neutral connection.

Now if the problem still persists, engage an electrician to diagnose the problem. There could be a loose connection or power overloading that needs professional help. 

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