SECONDS Kelantan street

31 Kelantan Rd

As a child, I would tagged along my mom to work at an unobtrusive hardware store on Saturdays. She will always bring homework for me, mark out the pages that I need to finish but I never did. Instead I explored the whole Kelantan to Thieves market...

The store itself was a countless adventure for me to fidget with every item I could, climb up the stacked boxes to hide and take naps. So, to keep me busy, my mom's boss would find me things to fix, teach me how to wire switches, plugs and packing them into boxes... I was 6 at that time.

made me look back on those days with fondness and realise how much the seemingly insignificant moments can shape our lives in significant.

And, later on.

I made videos on youtube under the alias MADS, about various smart home devices like xiaomi, roborock and aqara. What started as a passion to share my personal experiences with different setups in 2018 has now grown into a full-fledged project.

By 2021, I had replaced my home switches for the third time due to flickering issues, region locks, and a lack of smart home support. It was then that I decided to delve deeper into this world of smart homes and began working on creating devices more closely tailored to the needs of every individual. My first undertaking was developing a smart switch, as it is first most essential components of a smart home.