Build aesthetic smart homes Singapore

Build aesthetic smart homes.

Our devices look good in your home.

Works with the everyday in mind

smart switch app control

App Control

Control all our smart devices through seconds app. Set daily routines, schedules, home automation scenes and more.

Voice Assistants

Works with all major voice assistants like google, amazon alexa and apple siri. For eg, hey google, it's movie night.

smart home daily routines

Daily Routines

Create a preset of actions in seconds app. Tap on the shortcut to turn off your living room lights and aircon when you leave.

smart home scheduling


With scheduling, you could set specific times for devices to turn on or off, such as turning on the water heater before you get home.

Master Switch

Group all devices and link it to a switch button in app. So you could switch all off with a touch of a button when leaving home.

smart switches association and linking

Switch Association

It enables two or more smart switches to sync together. When one switch is turned on, the associated switch will respond too.

Smart home living Singapore

Make normal lights smart

Replace your switches with seconds smart switches and instantly control it from app.

Having a hot day?

Turn on the AC with your voice or app.

Where's the TV remote?

Pair all your TV and AC to our smart controller.

4 steps to build a smart home.

get a seconds smart hub

Step 1.

The first step is to get a seconds smart hub. It acts as a central point of communication between the smart devices and Wi-Fi network.

replace traditional switch with smart switch

Step 2.

Next, replace all traditional switches with seconds smart switches that gives you control to the lightings through app and voice.

place smart IR control in each room

Step 3.

And place one seconds smart infrared remote* in each room to link up the air-conditioners, televisions and dyson fans.

download seconds app

Step 4.

Download seconds app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Register an account with us and follow our setup guide.

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Read reviews and stories

Nice looking switches!

Some of our friends randomly commented on how nice the switch look without needing us to introduce that it functions as a smart switch. Personally, I do feel that the app itself is sufficient for simple tasks. I don't really need google home. - Jek H.

Reliable. Stops flickers

I was using another smart switch from Shopee. To be fair, it was working well for the first year. Then it started flickering like disco lights every time I switch it on? Now changing out to seconds switches resolved it completely. - Kelvin K.

smart switch review by hunter

Stable connectivity

Tried different brands smart switches. Had a lot of problems. For the smartrul ones above.. it is no longer connected to wifi. Even if I pair it again, it will disconnect after a few days. So far your switches have the most stable connectivity. - Hunter L.

We started off with zero smart systems - we were young, inexperienced, and I didn’t see the need to then.

These smart switches allowed us to do more, esp using it 2 way (our old smart switches didn't have this) is a real game changer.

I've only installed some smart switches myself where it makes sense but this time we're replacing all the switches..

SECONDS founder, MADSseconds smart switch story


"...passionate about smart home, I had to start this on a personal level, to make smart home accessible for everyone"
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