Smart Light Switch

Pair your lights with our smart switches. Power up one or all lightings from our app with one tap. 

Sale price$59.00

Gang: Single
Color: White


Lights Control

Forgot to switch off the dining lamp? Just replace your current switches with our smart switch and turn it off right away in seconds app — no need of getting close enough with a switch anymore.


We’ve combined both neutral and non-neutral into one switch. It doesn’t matter if you put a neutral wire in or not –  it works both ways! And we recommend using a light source with at least 7 watts or with a good driver attached.

Daily Routines

Create a preset of actions in seconds app. Tap on the shortcut to turn off your living room lights and aircon when you leave.


With scheduling, you could set specific times for devices to turn on or off, such as turning on the water heater before you get home.

Master Switch

Group all devices and link it to an unwired switch button in app. So you could switch all off with a touch of a button when leaving home.

Switch Association

It enables two or more smart switches to sync together. When one switch is turned on, the associated switch will respond too.

Voice Assistants

Control your devices with simple voice commands. For example, “Hey Google, Turn off the heater switch”. SECONDS Smart Heater Switch is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri.


0.15 kg

Dimension (mm)


Interior Dimension (mm)


Exterior Dimension (mm)



Polycarbonate (PC)


110-240V, 50/60Hz

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